Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a complete suite of apps that helps your business optimize the total capacity of your digital workforce, resulting in increased cost-efficiency, exceptional customer service, and improved cloud functionality.

Microsoft Teams Management

Microsoft Office 365 for Micro, Small and Medium Business

Security and Compliance Check-up for Office 365

Admin Training for SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive

We’ll walk you through from configuration of enterprise information solutions, policies, and settings down to the implementation and management of the fundamentals of site administration to optimize admin and user experience.

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User Training for Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive

Want to know how you can organise your Teams efficiently? We’ll walk you through the basics of Microsoft 365’s apps so you can make work work for you.

Sharepoint Development

SharePoint brings the best in your team by creating a virtual office space: Gather your files, documents, calendars, and project assets in one efficient, productive, and highly-customisable page.

Microsoft Teams Management

Seamless execution of Microsoft Teams and enabling your team to collaborate in this single shared workspace with integrated commonly used tools can be a chore.

Get trained on how you can use Teams as a team management tool so you can boost morale and sustain the collaborative efforts of your team.

Microsoft Office 365 for Micro, Small and Medium Business

Do more with Microsoft 365. Whether you’re a one-person business owner, or a 50-strong team, Microsoft 365 and Office Online will ensure your team’s success.

Secure licenses for all the staff in your organization without running into any snags. Enable their access to integrated apps within your subscription and create so much more by unlocking the full Office potentials that are valuable for your enterprise.

Security and Compliance Check-up for Office 365

Are you using Microsoft’s Security and Compliance applications well? A cloud-hosted environment is predisposed to potential threats: we would like to help your business gain access to such level of security and compliance measures to keep them at bay through multi-factor authentication, permissions organization, and ensure you’re compliant with policies such as GDPR and PIPEDA.